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Lunch Information

GVSD Child Nutrition Services currently serves Grass Valley, Chicago Park, Clear Creek, Nevada City, Pleasant Ridge, Ready Springs, and Union Hill school districts. Please click here to see the current menus offered.

Each Lunch costs $3.25 - payments can be sent with your child to the school. Additional milk can be purchased for $0.50 each. Milk is included with hot lunch. Please send payment with your child or bring it to your school office.

Number of Lunches  Cost   Number of Milks Cost
 10  $32.50   10 $5.00
 20  $65.00   20 $10.00
 30  $97.50   30 $15.00

FREE/REDUCED LUNCH PROGRAM 2014/15 MEDIA RELEASE INFORMATION: Click here for current eligibility requirements for the USDA.

The Free and Reduced Lunch Application (Excel  or PDF ) can be downloaded and turned into the school office. 

Many families don't turn in an application for free or reduced meals because they don't think they qualify, they don't plan to have their child eat in the cafeteria, or they want to save their school money. What families may not know is that each of our schools receives additional funding based on the percentage of families who qualify. In addition to repaying our cafeteria fund for the cost of student meals, this percentage also provides funding for student computers and technology, certain academic programs, and staff.