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Roxanne Gilpatric

A Message from Superintendent Gilpatric

It was a busy summer here at the Nevada City School District with summer programs for students, planning for our math program, the hiring of new staff members, staff development for administrators, and the improvement of our facilities!

Summer Instruction:

While school was out for the summer we hosted the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools (NCSOS) Special Education Summer School at both Seven Hills and Deer Creek Schools for one month. We also hosted the GREAT Program offered by the Grass Valley Police Department for four sessions, each session lasting one week. First 5 Nevada County held the Kindergarten Readiness Camp June 23rd through July 18th at Deer Creek. We also hosted the Seven Hills Basketball Academy for 6th through 8th grade girls. The proceeds from the Basketball Academy will go towards the Seven Hills Raiders Basketball Program.

Members of the Math Committee came in one day to further their work reviewing math textbooks and materials. They plan to present their findings to the staff on Monday, August 11th. Their recommendations will be presented to the governing board, myself, and Principal Figuly early this fall. The Math Committee members are: Julie Bair, Debbie DeArcos, David Figuly, Susan Noble, Claire Thibodeau, Russ Osman-Bravard, and Jillian Waechter.


Principal Figuly of Seven Hills, and Principal Daugherty of Deer Creek, attended the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Summer Principal Institute for one week in June on the UCLA campus. Principal Brynn Bourke of Nevada City Charter School attended the Charter Leadership for one week in Marin County. The Business Manager Anne Padget and I attended the ACSA Negotiation Summit for two days. I also attended the Association of Charter School Superintendents for two days.

Principal Figuly facilitated teacher interviews over the summer with the Leadership Team, (Superintendent Gilpatric, Kathy Newton, Coordinator of Student Services, and Principal Daugherty). Additionally, teachers Jennifer Tayler and Rich Looney volunteered to participate along with parents. The teaching candidates were administered a math test, a scenario to which each candidate had to respond to in a written format, and an oral interview conducted by a five to seven member panel.

The new teachers hired are:


Beverly McGarr - K-4 Math and Reading Specialist

Vanessa Machado – 4th grade (20% team teaching position shared with Andrea Marks)


Cynthia Brooks – 8th grade

Susan Noble - 7/8th grade

Julia Worster – 7th grade

Hayley Zucca – 7th grade


Brynn Bourke - Principal/Teacher/Student Support Services


I am happy to report that the Seven Hills Multipurpose Room/Gym was reroofed, the dry rot repaired, and the damaged shingles around the outside of the roof replaced with metal siding that matches the Bicycle Recycle shop, the band room, the gazebo, and the Preschool.

The cracked walkway leading from the back of the Multipurpose Room to the front of Seven Hills School was replaced with a much wider walkway with guard rails. We had the good fortune to partner with local vendors, Sierra Foothills Construction Company and local architect, Robert Wallis. Last summer we worked with the same vendors to reroof the “B” Wing of Seven Hills.

Thank you for all your support of our district and staff. I am looking forward to a prosperous 2014-2015 school year! You may contact me at the District Office, or by phone at 530-265-1820, or by email at


In Education,

RB Gilpatric

Roxanne Gilpatric